Jordi Verrijdt is a Dutch graphic designer.
He is currently studying at the University of Arts Utrecht, The Netherlands, majoring in graphic design. His graphical signature has powerful elements showing his predisposition for typographical work. Paper plays an important part in his graphical process. The terms editorial and graphic design are best used to describe this young designer.

Artist Statement
As an editorial and graphic designer with a fascination for complexity within themes, I like taking the viewer along in my personal search in my designs. Finding the solution is not the point however, through my work I invite the viewer to start their own quest. In my design choices I use abstraction, typography, and subtle uses of colour. Abstraction plays an important part in my processes. Various media, like prints and projections are ways I let my designs be shown to their full potential.


Expo2.0 (2021)
Keiland - Utrecht NL

Searching Structuring Redefining (2021)
Lou - Utrecht NL 

Filmcafe - Utrecht NL

Druk (2019)
EKKO - Utrecht NL

Archive Live (2019)
AG - Utrecht NL

RUIS (2019)
Sexyland - Amsterdam NL

Multiplicity (2018)
LEEN - Utrecht NL

Ondertiteld (2017)
Utrecht NL


HBO - Bachelor
Graphic Design
University of Arts Utrecht
2017 - 2021

MBO Graphic Design
Grafisch Lyceum Utrecht
2013 - 2017